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History Of Stockings

Posted by Trasparenze on

Did you know that the socks have ancient origins? There have been found traces of knitted stockings even in tombs of ancient Pharaohs. Of course they have nothing to do with socks as we know them today. The yarns were definitely 100% natural.

In the Middle Ages, with the advent of silk, the first socks that resemble the modern concept were born, although wearing them was the men and not the ladies, that were not allowed to show their legs.

We must reach the 1920s with the innovation of the new Rayon fiber or artificial silk that revolutionizes the industry. With this invention, the sock becomes economically accessible, and women begin to discover it and desire it. In time it will become an accessory symbol of femininity and sensuality to which no woman is capable of resisting, but for this one has to wait for the 30s.

In fact, in 1938, in America, the nylon invented by Wallace H. Carothers, the new synthetic fiber is termed "resistant as steel and delicate as a web" and thanks to the competitive price compared to the natural fibers so far used,The stocking of the socks immediately starts.

The first stockings were all with the seam behind that drawing that line so sensual that women at the time made long journeys to be able to buy them. They loved her so much that after the outbreak of World War I and the suspension of production, many women drew the line behind their legs.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the industry went a long way, and the production of socks changed, the Lycra arrived, launched by DuPont, already a nylon distributor, and the tights were overwhelmed by the stockings of socks that until then were the Must of women's clothing.

In the sixties a new revolution shakes the female world, the miniskirt! And with this garment the socks and the tights take hold. Overlapping, multicolored, and then over the years, always use new yarns such as lace, netting, and even more technical yarns that today are more concerned with comfort than sensuality.

Technology and fashion always influence and new discoveries and trends take hold. In the late 1980s, the elastic cushion appeared on the market, only afterwards the silicone would come. The woman who wants to feel sexy and has a strong personality, wearing hairdoes that over the years have undergone an incredible evolution. The silicone, first of all, avoided having to put the elastic to hold them in place. Then go to the cusp that you can choose in various heights and types of fabrics. Today, it varies from the endless line behind the most diverse fantasies.

Today, there is a great return from the stockings, a vintage fashion item that makes women feel sexy, desirable and strong.

Undoubtedly in the story there has been a great evolution, from yarns, to processing materials, dyeing, to applications, but one thing is certain, the stocking that is tights, stocking or garment will always be an accessory of great elegance and femininity.